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High Pressure Casting Machines supplier
  • High Pressure Casting Machines supplier
  • High Pressure Casting Machines supplier

High Pressure Casting Machines for Two-Piece Toilets

Sunlets Technology has delivered over a decade of professional service to the top brands in the worldwide sanitary ware industry as the innovator of high-pressure casting equipment for sanitary ceramics in China.

It is our value to give professional pre-sales consultation, evaluation, and after-sales service support to customers, as well as to deliver efficient and stable factory operation performances that exceed expectations.


High Pressure Casting Machines for Two-Piece Toilets


SUNLETS Technology designs, develops and manufactures the most advanced sanitaryware high pressure casting systems for sanitaryware plants across the world.


Key Highlights of the system


This new high pressure casting system has up to 10 resin molds. Suitable for two piece toilet water closet, water closet bowl, intelligent toilets,

Programmable control system enables highly customized, flexible control based on slip performance and grouting requirements. Easy to operate and easy to learn.


It is primarily applicable to casting and forming the green body of toilet bowls for modern ceramic sanitaryware factories.


Each mold can be used on its own, and different molds can be used to make different products during the same casting cycle.


These resin molds can be used in a row, vertically, with automated or servo demolding, or they can be rotated for horizontal demolding. So that different things can be cast at the same time, each mold is powered separately. This is done to make sure that the casting cycles are right for each mold.


It has many benefits, such as a high output, a low cost of labor, energy savings, and protecting nature. It also helps solve the problem of not having enough skilled workers. high automation, low labor strength, less space, and low construction costs


Only the most reliable companies, like SMC, Omron, Rexroth, Siemens, IFM, Pepper Fuchs, and American Parker, are chosen as our business partners to make our parts. These companies are some of our suppliers for the different parts and pieces of the systems.


All of the machines and buildings are painted with marine fluorocarbon paint, which is very resistant to corrosion in high-temperature, high-humidity environments.

Suitable Products


Toilet bowl, smart toilet, wc pan, water closet, two piece toilet, intelligent toilet.

Box-rim/closed-rim toilets, rimless/open-rim toilets,


Key Specification (Standard/Default configuration)

Model NO.

Dimension:                        65x6x4 (HxWxH in m)

Mold Material:                    resin

Mold Lifetime:                   10,000+ casting cycles

Working Mold Parts:          5 Parts Mold workable

Working Mold Quantity:     10 Sets Working Mold

Casting Cycle Time:           30-45 mins

Casting Times:                   defined by products to be casted or slip performance

Demolding:                        Manual / Auto (additional facility needed)       Vertical Lifting

Daily working time:             22+ Hours/day

Labors:                              2      8hrs/shift

Daily output:                       600+      pcs/24hrs

Power:                               18 KW

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